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Giddings 290 Business Park

Giddings 290 Business Park Now Under Development

Located at the intersection of Hwy 290 and Hwy 226

The Giddings 290 Business Park is situated at a four-way intersection along the north side and with direct access to Highway 290, and most convenient to those traveling west-bound toward Austin.  The park is within two miles of Highway 77.   Companies residing within this park will have access to City water, sewer and fire services, Bluebonnet Electric, Centerpoint Energy, and broadband/ fiber optic.

This property is wholly owned by the Giddings Economic Development Corporation.  The GEDC will work in partnership with the City of Giddings to fast-track permits, develop and approve incentive packages, and faciliate timely, effecient and cost-effective sale of land to the right company.  For information on financial incentives, including tax abatements, 380/281 agreements and workforce development assistance, contact the GEDC at 979.542.0267, edcdirector@giddings.net


Owner: Giddings EDC County: Lee County Type: Light Industrial/ Heavy Industrial
Site Name: Giddings 290 Business Park Area Code: 979 Zoning: General Commercial/ Industrial
City, State: Giddings, TX Number of Acres for Purchase: 150+ Prior Use: Agricultural/ Residential (AR)
Zip: 78924 Size: 5 to 100 acres Land Characteristics: flat
Surrounding land uses: Commercial/ Ranch/ Rural Homes

Drainage/Flood Control/Environment: 
Some acreage lies within the 100 year flood plain.  No obvious or known wetlands, endangered species or historic sites



Sale or lease: Sale

Price: Negotiable

All terms of purchase or lease of land are fully negotiable

Incentives may be available (property tax abatements, and 380 Agreements for infrastructure development, job training, etc. )


The land lies within the Giddings' city limits and the Giddings ISD. 


General: Contact the GEDC for information No height limit
Zoning allows metal buildings No common area maintenance fees
Zoning does not require landscaping Covenants permit metal buildings

After Engineering drawings are approved, barring complications, expect a general turnaround for permits to be within 10 days
Public roads on and/ or adjacent to the site
Pipeline easement
Standard utility easements
No cemeteries or gravesites



  • LCRA is distributor; Bluebonnet Electric Coop is the provider (3 phase)
  • Distribution feeder available at site property line
  • Cost of Extension to be determined

Natural Gas

  • Centerpoint Energy is the provider
  • Cost of Extension to be determined


  • Service provided by the City of Giddings
  • Available at site property line
  • Main Size:
  • Connection fees negotiable

Sanitary Sewer

  • Service provided by the City of Giddings
  • To be available at site property line
  • On site lift station will service park (under development)
  • Connection fees negotiable


  • Services provided by Verizon and GVEC.net
  • Broadband/ Fiber optic provided by ZochNet 


Site Access

  • Access into the park from Highway 290 and County Road 133 (from the rear of the property)
  • Distance to State Highway 77: <2 miles
  • Access for trucks: Excellent road surface; Signal light and deceleration lane into the park (under development)
  • Weight limit:

Railroads nearby: No Rail Spurs

Air Transportation

  • Local airports: Lee County Airport located 3 nautical miles west of Giddings
  • Nearest commercial airport: Austin
  • Distance to commercial airport: 90 miles
  • Other nearby airports with instrument procedures:

3T5- Fayette Regional Air Center Airport (16 nm S)
KRWV- Caldwell Municipal Airport (25 nm NE)
11R- Brenham Municipal Airport (32 nm E)
KEDC- Austin Executive Airport (33 nm NW)


  • Lee County Airport 3 Day Historical Weather
  • Zip Code “78942” 7 Day Forecast


  • Fire Providers
  • Fire Protection provided by Giddings Volunteer Fire Department
  • Distance: <2 miles to station
  • ISO Rating:
  • Police Providers
  • Police Protection provided by Giddings Police Department
  • Distance: 1.5 miles to station